Keywords Monitoring with Urlooker

Page Monitoring Tool

The internet dramatically changes with each passing second as hundreds of updates are made in hundreds of web pages, and a page monitoring platform can help to sift out the noise by watching and tracking only the web pages that matter to you. Urlooker will notify you about those changes by sending you an Email or an IFTTT/Zapier alert. With web page monitoring, you can track changes to content on your favorite web pages, and receive notifications when the program detects updates and changes that are important to you.

How to add keywords

Monitor your preferred social networks

Get notified when your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest friends, colleagues or favorite companies make updates that include a chosen keyword or even a set of keywords that matter to you, you can also get notified every time any new content goes live or is deleted.

Keep up with the latest news

Set specific keywords or monitoring criteria and get notified only about matching news and stories.

Keep tabs on competitors

Monitor new press releases, pricing changes, landing pages updates, new products and more. Continuously be informed of what’s going on in your industry and always know what your competitors are up to.

Trade and business publications press monitoring

Filter out unneeded information and get notified when articles with matching keywords or phrases are published.