How To Monitor Web Page and Send Result to IFTTT

Integration with IFTTT allow you to send information about changes to 600+ apps

Step 1: Setup your page monitoring on Urlooker

Use this guide for reference.

Step 2: Go to your Webhook Settings on IFTTT

Step 3: Click "Connect" or "Settings" to view your webhook URL

Copy your webhook URL or key to "IFTTT Webhook URL" field on the tracking form.

Step 4: Create a new Applet on IFTTT

Step 5: Configure a Webhook as a trigger

Copy your Event Name to "IFTTT Event Name" field on the tracking form.

Step 6: Configure you action

Google Spreadsheets for example.

  • value1 will be the kind of changed element: "Added" or "Removed"
  • value2 will be the text of changed element
  • value3 will be the HTML of changed element

Step 7: Add your IFTTT key and event name to your Urlooker tracking