Guide: How To Monitor Tickets on Herberger Theater Center

Herberger Theater Center is an indoor performing arts venue featuring three stages in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, whose mission is to support and foster the growth of performing arts in Phoenix as the premier performance venue, arts incubator and advocate. The Herberger Theater Center is not only a performing arts center, but is known in the Phoenix area as a cultivator and advocate for the arts community.

Here is an example of how to monitor tickets on it.

Step 1: Sign up to get an Urlooker account or login to an existing one

Sign In / Sign Up

Step 2: Add a page to monitor

Choose what web pages you need to keep an eye on, and what content, phrases and keywords you want to track and monitor.

Create New Tracking


Enter the URL of web page you want to monitor.

"" for example.

Name (optional)

Create a name for your monitoring - something that reminds you what you’re monitoring for and is easy to recognize.

"Snow Queen" in our example.

Categories (optional)

Add category tags to separate your tracks.

"Theater, Tickets" in this case.

New Tracking
Target Page


Select the time when checks will be performed.


You can get notified by Email or SMS (or both). Alternatively you can send data to Zapier, IFTTT or Webhook.


To notify only when "Snow Queen" appears or disappears on page, add it on Filter field.

How to configure monitor

Page Area

Select elements you want to monitor. Selected items are highlighted in green and orange. Remove excessive elements by clicking on them (they'll be marked red).

It should be the page area where tickets is located.


Verify that selected area is correct.

If everything looks okay, click Save. Your monitor works!

How to configure selected area and save